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Roundrip Todo Colombia - 31 days

It is all in the name (Todo Colombia),  you can´t get it more complete than this tour through Colombia. This beautiful roundtrip contains almost all highlights that you can imagine in one program. We start in Bogota and will go on to the south where we will visit the Tatacoa desert before travelling to the most important archaeological sites of Colombia, San Agustin and Tierradentro. Besides culture and history these destinations also offer a lot of breathtaking landscapes.

Through the Paramo we arrive in the ´white colonial city´ Popayan, an important religious center that after an earthquake has been restored in old glory. From here we go through the jungle on the Pacific coast, experience and a spectacular train ride, on a homemade wagon driven by a motor, to the capital of Salsa, Cali. On the program in Cali we have a night of Salsa dancing before moving on to the Zona Cafetera where we will stay on an authentic finca and ride on horseback through the Valle Cocora, a breathtaking valley with the highest palm trees in the world.

The next highlight is Medellin, the city of eternal spring, their friendly people, beautiful woman and a vibrant nightlife. From here we visit the colonial village of Santa Fe de Antioquia and we´ll make a tour to a steal hanging bridge over the Cauca River.

The tour ends at the Caribbean coast where we besides the colonial cities of Santa Marta and Cartagena also visit the Nature Park Tayrona for the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean coast of Colombia and a walk to with an archaeological site of the old Tayrona communities. A roundtrip ideal for the experienced traveler but also for the younger and older traveler, to book as a group tours by choosing one of the planned starting dates or as a private tour on any given date by a group of 2 or more people.

San Agustin

Valle de Cocora


NP Tayrona

Day 1: Arrival at the El Dorado airport in Bogota and transport to the hotel in the historical center for the first night.

Day 2
: At 08.00 the city tour starts with a short walks to the cableway that will bring us to Cerro Monserate (3050m) for an amazing view over the city. When we get back down we will make a walk through the historical center and we will visit Plaza de Bolivar, the Gold and the Botero museum. Free afternoon and second night in Bogota.

Day 3
: In the early morning with the bus to Aipe which will take approximately 5 hours. In Aipe we will cross the Magdalena River with a canoe and we will arrive in Villavieja. Here we will stay in a simple hotel in the village center. The hotel is situated in a colonial house where once Simon Bolivar lived.

Day 4
: At 05:00 in the morning we will start our walk to the Tatacoa desert. We leave early to enjoy the sunrise and to avoid the desert heat. Together with the local guide we make an ecological walk and we receive explanation over the area. Eventually we arrive at a dessert pool where we can take a refreshing dive before going back in a 4x4 jeep to Villavieja for the night.

Day 5
: With a bus we will go via Neiva and Pitalito before we arrive in San Agustin, the ride will take approximately 6 hours. Here we will stay in a beautiful Hacienda just outside the village.

Day 6
: In the morning we will visit the archeological park of San Agustin, ‘Bosque de Estatuas’ and the museum, with a local guide. In that afternoon we will have horse riding tour to 4 other archeological sites with amazing views, among others we will visit ‘El Tablón’ and ‘El Chaquira’. The second night on the Hacienda.

Day 7
: Via Pitalito, La Plata and Inza we will go by bus to San Andrés de Pisimbalá, a drive of approximately 5 to 6 hours, This little village is better known as Tierradentro. After our arrival in the afternoon we will take a short walk to the village and we will visit one of the archaeological sites. We spend the night with a local family in the village.

Day 8
: Today we will walk the whole day and visit the most important archaeological sites. Among others we will visit the tombs of ‘El Aguacate’ from which we have an amazing view on the many valleys, ´ El Duende’ and ‘Segovia’. After a long but interesting day we will go back to the village for our second night with the local family.

Day 9
: In the morning we will go by bus to Popayan, a stunning ride through the Paramo with a view on the Puracé volcano. In Popayan, also called ´The white colonial city´, we will stay in a hotel in the center of the city. The rest of the afternoon you are free to explore the city with the guide.

Day 10
: Day tour to the hot springs of San Juan in the National Park Puracé. On Tuesday there is the possibility to visit the Indian market of Silvia, on that day the Indians from the region gather to sell their products on the market.

Day 11
: In the morning we will go by bus through Cali to San Cipriano a little village that lies next to a crystal clear river in the jungle. The ride by bus will take us approximately 5 hours, then we have to take a ride on an old train rail on a self made wagon driven by a motor through the jungle. This spectacular train ride will take around 30 minutes before arriving to little wooden huts at the river.

Day 12
: In the morning we walk around 3 hours though the jungle to reach a beautiful waterfall. In the afternoon we will go via Buenaventura back to Cali where we will stay in a hotel in the picturesque neighborhood of San Antonio.

Day 13
: Free day in Cali to explore the city or buy some last souvenirs. In the weekend we visit a salsa club in the suburb Juanchito or in consultation with the guide a Salsa Show. The second night in Cali.

Day 14
: From Cali we will go by bus to Salento (4 hours) and from there we will take a Willys to the beautiful Valle de Cocora. Here we will stay with a local family on a farm with amazing views over the famous valley with the Palma de Cerra. In the afternoon a short walk to the highest palm tree in the world (65 meter high).

Day 15
: At 08.30 we will be picked by our local guide for the day and we will make a horse ride from approximately 5 hours through the cloud forest and then through the hills of the Valle de Cocora. In the afternoon we will go back to Salento by Willys to stay the night in this colorful little town.

Day 16
: In the morning time to wander around and in the afternoon with the bus to Pereira where we will take the typical chiva to the SFF Otun Quimbaya (a National Park of Colombia).

Day 17: Today we have time to take several trails to see (endemic birds), howler monkeys and many butterflies with transparent wings accompanied by a local guide and good binoculars.

Day 18: With the Chiva back to Pereira where we will be picked up from the bus station by willys to be brought to an authentic coffee farm (finca cafetera). Here we will stay with a local family.

Day 19: Free day on the finca to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and walk through the coffee and banana plantation, to relax by the pool and see the coffee process. Every day around 4 in the afternoon the coffee pickers return to the finca from their hard labor and show us the coffee process. Second night on the finca.

Day 20: Today we visit the town of Santa Rosa de Cabal famous for it sausages and its hot springs which we both will try!

Day 21: In the morning with the bus to Medellin (5 to 6 hours) where we will stay in a hotel in the hectic center close to the Botero square.

Day 22
: Bus to Santa Fe de Antioquia (2 hours) where we have the time to visit the colonial village and visit the steal hanging bride over the Cauca river by motor taxi. We will spend the night in a hotel with swimming pool at the square.

Day 23
: Free morning to walk through the village, in the afternoon back with the bus to Medellin. In the afternoon we will have a city tour in which we will visit various squares and monuments and visit the neighborhood Santa Domingo in the mountains of Medellin with the MetroCable for an excellent view over the city.

Day 24
: Transport to the airport of Medellin in Rio Negro and a direct flight to Cartagena. In Cartagena we will stay in a hotel in the colonial area Getsemani.

Day 25
: In the morning we we will take a walk through the historical part of Cartagena and we will visit some important squares and monuments of the city. Thereafter we will go to the Castillo San Felippe de Barajas, the biggest fort ever build by the Spanish in the colonial period. Second night in Cartagena.

Day 26
: At 08:00 o’clock we will take a stroll to the tourist harbor, from there we leave for a day to the Nature Park Los Islas Rosarios. We will stay on one of the islands where we will have a typical lunch (included) and the possibility to snorkel. From there we will go to Playa Blanca. On this beautiful white sand beach with palms we will stay for the rest of the afternoon until around 16:00 o´clock  to go back to Cartagena for our third night in this amazing city.

Day 27
: In the morning we will take the bus to Santa Marta, a ride off more or less 5 hours along the Caribbean coast. Here we will stay in a hotel in the old center with swimming pool at the beach. In the afternoon there is time to walk with the guide through Santa Marta.

Day 28
: In the morning by bus to Parque Tayrona where we will arrive at the sector Arrecifes after a walk of around 45 minutes. Here we will stay the night in hammocks at the beach.

Day 29
: You have the whole day in National Park Tayrona to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the surrounding jungle. We will walk through the jungle, over beaches and we will visit the beaches ‘la Piscina’ and ‘el Cabo de San Juan’. For the real passionate walkers there is the possibility to visit ´Pueblito´ an archaeological site of the prior Tayrona civilization. It is a beautiful walk of approximately 3 to 4 hours that will bring you deep into the jungle of the Tayrona park. Later that day back to Arrecifes for our second nights in the hammocks.

Day 30
: Walk back to the entrance of the National Park Tayrona. Here we will be go back by bus to. We will stay in a hotel with swimming pool at the beach in the old town of Santa Marta.

Day 31
: Transport to the airport of Santa Marta, end of tour.


Desierto Tatacoa

San Agustin

San Agustin




San Cipriano



Valle de Cocora

Finca cafetera

Laguna Verde

El Cisne


Puente de Occidente


Islas del Rosario

Santa Marta


- Accommodation in standard hotels based on double or multiple rooms without breakfast.
- Transport mentioned in the program (a combination of private and public transport)
- National flight Medellin-Cartagena
- Mentioned tours and activities including entrée fees.
- A DE UNA guide during the whole program
- Local guides where necessary
- Lunch included with the tour to Islas del Rosario


- International flight
Food and drinks not mentioned in the program
Travel and health insurances
Personal expenses

Group or private tour
The planned dates are intended for individual subscriptions, these individual subscriptions will form a group. With at least 2 participants a group tour will be confirmed. Besides a group tour it is also possible to book this tour as a private tour, this way you are not bound to the above mentioned travel dates. In this case as well a tour will be confirmed with 2 participants.

For vaccinations you are recommended to contact your physician. For areas outside the big cities a vaccination against Yellow Fever is recommendable. For Park Tayrona you are obligated to have a Yellow fever vaccination and be able to show you are vaccinated.


The tour starts in Bogota and ends in Santa Marta. The international flights can be booked with a connection to this cities. Off course it is possible to leave from a different city but then an additional flight needs to be booked.

Sleep hights and average temperature



San Agustin



San Cipriano




2600m / 10-20ºC

380m / 20-40ºC

1730m / 10-25ºC

2000m / 10-27ºC

1740m / 10-25ºC

50m / 22-35ºC

1000m / 20-35ºC

1800m / 10-22ºC

1410m / 15-26ºC

Valle de Cocora

Parque los Nevados



Santa Fe de Antioquia


Santa Marta


2300m / 10-18ºC

4250m / 3-14ºC

2200m / 12-22ºC

1500m / 15-28ºC

500m / 20-30ºC

zee niveau / 25-40ºC

zee niveau / 25-40ºC

zee niveau / 22-35ºC

DE UNA can provide international flight as well as national flights.
If necessary please ask us for the possibilities.

Furthermore it is easy to extend the tour with numerous packages. Some possibilities are Ciudad Perdida or la Guajira at the end of the tour or a package in the south before the start of this tour. See for these and other possibilities our website: packages

Because this tour starts in the middle of Colombia and ends in the north you can perfectly combine this tour with a tour through Ecuador and/or Venezuela, DE UNA doesn´t offer any tours in these countries but we can arrange guidance at the Ecuador-Colombia and Colombia-Venezuelan border. The tour can also, when booked as a private tour, be done in the opposite way from north to south.


Look on our FAQ page for important information about our tours and over travelling in Colombia in general: FAQ