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What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Ciudad Perdida - Lost City

Deep in the jungle of the ‘Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta’ lies Ciudad Perdida (The lost City), one of South Americas most important archaeological places. The trekking through the jungle and the foothills of these mountains is unforgettable. The local guides will tell you more about this mysterious place and its inhabitants, the Tayrona Indians, during the trekking.

DE UNA offers a package of 7 days in which the 5-day trekking is offered with one night in Santa Marta before the trekking begins and one night in Santa Marta after the trekking. Of course it is possible to change this package into a custom made program with other destinations, activities or a national flight to and from Santa Marta. It is also possible to do the trekking to Ciudad Perdida in 4 days instead of 5 days. As the 5 day trekking on itself is already hard we only recommend this for the experienced trekkers.

For the real adventurers it also possible to arrange a trekking that goes from Ciudad Perdida back through 'la Tagua' and via Minca back to Santa Marta. This route is a lot less visited than the standard route and doesn´t have a good infrastructure yet. This trekking is a lot harder but if you like to experience something different and have an adventurous spirit this tour is a perfect alternative.

The package to Ciudad Perdida is very well combined with other destinations like a package to Taironaka or National Park Tayrona.

The trekking to Ciudad Perdida goes through the jungle and through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The comfort level on this tour is low as you will spend the nights in hammocks and on mattresses in cabins. You have to walk an average of 4 to 6 hours per day over an average rising and falling landscape including some real climbs and ascends. During the rainy season the trekking is extra hard as some parts of the road turn into slippery mud pools and there are more mosquitoes and the river crossings are more complicated. However both seasons have their charm for example during the rainy season there are many streams to bath in. This tour is an amazing experience but it but is also difficult, you will get dirty and your luggage will get wet and moist. Take this in consideration when packing for this trip.

Packing list Ciudad Perdida:
- Good shoes to walk on (and can get wet)
- Extra pair of shoes and/or sandals
- Thin sleeping bag or sheet sleeping bag for the nights in hammocks
- Clothes for a warm and humid climate
- Swimsuit and towel
- Clothes with long sleeves and long trousers for the evenings and nights
- Something warm for the night (it can get pretty chilly)
- Hat or cap
- Flash light
- Sun block and mosquito repellent
- Personal medicine and first aid kit
- Backpack for all personal items
- Toilet paper
- Plastic bags to keep your clothes dry
- Water in bottles for the first day (after the first day you can refill the bottles on the trek)
- Pocket money

Important: There is no age limit for this tour but as it is a very intensive trek, it is recommended to be in good physical condition and have (some) trekking experience. For this tour you are obligated to have a yellow fever vaccination and be able to proof this, so bring your vaccination card. During the trekking you can buy water and some refreshments on the locations where you spend the night. Bring for that reason some pocket money and you can give some tip to the guides and the carriers if you are happy with their services. Water during the trek can be drunk from the many rivers and creeks, if you have a sensitive stomach you can bring some water purification tablets which you can buy in any pharmacy in Santa Marta. Also bring a personal first aid kit with you with some medication against diarrhea and dehydration.

Kogi dorpje op de route naar Ciudad Perdida

Beekje op de route naar Ciudad Perdida

Kogi iindeianen voor ingang van hun woning

Groep trekt door de jungle

Stenen trappen in Ciudad Perdida

Tucan in een boom

Uitzicht over uitlopers Sierra Nevada

Day 1
Arrival in Santa Marta and accommodation in the Park Hotel in the old part of Santa Marta at the beach.

Day 2
Around 09:00 am you will be picked up from the hotel and leave from Santa Marta to  Machete Pelao, ‘Mamay’, a 2 to 2,5 hour drive on a bad road. From here the trekking starts. After 3 to 4 hours you will arrive at a farm called ‘Donde Alan’ where you will spend the night in hammocks. There is a possibilty to swin in a little creek.

Day 3
A hike of about 4 hours will bring you passing by several Indian communities of the Kogis to the valley of the Buritaca river. You will spend the night in hammocks at the bank of the Buritaca where you can also swim.

Day 4
A hike of about 4 to 5 hours in which you will cross the Buritaca river several times and passing by several Indian communities of the Kogis will bring you to the entrance of Ciudad Perdida (‘the lost city’). From here a walk up the stairs of about 45 minutes to the highlight of the trekking, the lost city. Here you will have an explanation about the history of this place. You will sleep in cabins close to Ciudad Perdida.

Day 5
Early in the morning back to ‘Donde Alan’ on the same route. You will stop for lunch at the cabins of Mutanshi to have lunch. This is a long and heavy day.

Day 6
Last day in which you have to hike about 3 more hours to ‘Mamay’ where transport is waiting to bring you back to Santa Marta. Accommodation in the Park Hotel in the old part of Santa Marta at the beach.

Day 7
End of the program.

- 2 nights in a hotel in Santa Marta including breakfast
- Transport in a 4x4 to Santa Marta-Mamey-Santa Marta
- 5 day trekking to Ciudad Perdida
- Accommodation in hammocks and cabañas)
- Hammocks with musquito nets
- 3 meals a day + snacks and fruit during the 5 day trekking
- Local guide and carriers

Not inclusive:
- Personal expenses
- Tip for local guide and carriers

- 4 day trekking instead of 5 days (only for experienced trekkers)
- Round trek Mamey-Ciudad Perdida-la Tagua/el Congo (only for experienced trekkers)
- Different hotel in Santa Marta
- Private trekking with English speaking guide
- Package with national flight to Santa Marta
- Package in combination with other destinations

Terrassen van Ciudad Perdida

Groep trekt door Río Burutaca

Kogi dorpje op de route naar Ciudad Perdida

Campament tijdens de trekking

Kogi indianen

Vlinder met oranje vleugels

Trap omhoog naar Ciudad Perdida