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What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Bogota & surroundings

Bogota is with more than 8’000.000 inhabitants without doubt the biggest city of Colombia. A visit to Colombia isn´t complete without a visit to the capital. We offer several tours in Bogota of which the citytour gives you the most complete impression of this enormous and interesting metropolis. During the standard city tour we visit the colonial area 'La Candelaria', Plaza Bolivar, Chorro de Quevedo, Donación de Botero, Cerro Monserrate and of course the world famous Gold Museum (Museo de Oro).

Bogota is more than only an interesting city. In the direct surrounding of Bogota there are many interesting destinations that we can visit as a day tour or as a tour of 2 or even 3 days. Bogota for example is surrounded by mountains and paramo's. In the north you can find NP Chingaza, in the east Mataredonda and in the south NP Sumapaz. In the south you can also find the cloud forest of Chicaque. More to the north you have Laguna Guatavita, Desierto Tatacoita and the salt mines of Zipaquira and Nemocon.
Other options you can find in western and south western direction of Bogota. Here we have to decent the cordillera in the direction of the Magdalena Valley, the temperatures and vegetation become more tropical. Melgar, Girardot, la Mesa, Anapoima, La Vega and Villeta are popular destinations to escape the low temperatures and the hustle and bustle of Bogota.

Besides these above mentioned destinations there are also many adventures sports destinations possible in the surrounding of Bogota. Besides the paramo´s where we can organize a trekking, you can go rock climbing in Suesca or white water rafting in Tobia. Another popular sport in Tobia is 'Rappel', or 'Torrentismo', a sport where you can descent several waterfalls with professional harness and rope.

Under the tab programs you find more information about the different possibilities and the corresponding prices. Be aware, these are  standard options but of course we can also offer custom made programs in consultation with the client.

Koloniale wijk La Candelaria

Goud museum in Bogota

Plaza Bolivar in Bogota

Modern publiek transport, Transmilenio

Citytour Bogota
Walk through the colonial area 'La Candelaria' with a visit to Plaza Bolivar, Plazoleta Chorro de Quevedo, Donación de Botero (closed on Tuesdays), Gold Museum (closed on Mondays) and Cerro Monserrate for the amazing view.

- Typical lunch
- Citytour by bike
- Dinner in Via a la Calera
- Visit the north of Bogota (Zona Rosa and Usaquen)
- Museo Nacional
- Mercado Palo Quemado

Plaza Bolivar

Zipaquira or Nemocon
Transport to Zipaquira with a visit to the salt cathedral (Catedral de Sal) or transport to Nemocon visiting the salt mines.

- Typical lunch
- Combination with Laguna Guatavita
- With guide of DE UNA
Salt mine in Nemocon

Laguna Guatavita
Walk around the sacred lake of Guatavita. The Muisca Indians used this lake for their religious rituals and initiations of new leaders. According to the legends this lake is the origin of the 'El Dorado' mythe.

- Visit the village Guatavita
- Combination with Zipaquira or Nemocon
- With guide of DE UNA
Laguna Guatavita

Parque Chicaque
Walk through a cloud forest in the south of Bogotá. Beautiful flora and fauna and an excellent destination for bird spotting.

- Stay overnight in Parque Chicaque
- Tours with special birding guide
- Without a guide from DE UNA
Parque Chicaque

Paramo’s Chingaza, Mataredonda of Sumapaz
Walk and trekking through one of the three most beautiful paramo’s around Bogotá. In the north Paramo de Chigaza, in the east Paramo Mataredonda and in the south Paramo de Sumapaz.

- Stay overnight in (Chingaza)
- Private transport (Mataredonda and Sumapaz)
Paramo Chingaza

Desierto Tatacoita
Walk through the smaller version of the Tatacoa desert close to Bogota. Officially it is not a real desert but because of the sand formations and the cactus vegetation it is called a desert.

Desert of Tatacoita

White water rafting on the rio Negro or Rappel and Torrentismo from one of the many waterfalls in the area. Book een day tour to Tobia or stay a night to enjoy the area and the many extreme sport possibilities.

- Accommodation in a hotel/finca/camping
- Other activities (walking, horseriding, etc)
- With private transport

Rappel in Tobia

Fusagasuga Finca Cafetera
Visit one of the oldest and most traditional coffee farms of Colombia. Only a 2 hour drive from Bogota in the southern direccion to the village Fusagasuga. During the program they you will receive a complete explanation about the coffee process (from the picking on the plantation to the tasting of the coffee).

- With private transport
Coffee plantation

Waterfalls and hotsprings in Choachi
Just outside Bogota you can find the highest waterfall of Colombia: 590m. With public transport we go in just 45 minutes in the direccion of Choachi. After a very nice walk of 2 hours whereby we have amazing views over the the rock formations and lower valleys we reach the Cascada el Chiflón. from here it is another 1,5 hours walking to get to the foot of the Cascada la Chorrera of 590 meters. After the walk back to El Chiflón we go by private transport to the Hotsprings of Santa Monica for some relaxing.

- Full day private transport
- Tour only in public transport without visiting the hotsprings
Views during the walk

Day tours from Bogota or overnight tours. Suesca is the ideal place for rockclimbing, as well as for beginners as for the advanced.
Prices and programs on request
Rock climbing in Suesca

Included: Transport, (local) guides where necesarry and entrance fees.
Have a look at our picture page to see more prictures of the above mentioned programs.