What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Custom made travel

The majority of our tours are tailor made. If the real Colombia is what you are looking for, we have the most authentic, beautiful and exclusive sights for you. As we have traveled Colombia thoroughly for over 6 years we are THE SPECIALISTS when it comes to Colombia. We personally know all offered destinations, locations, hotels, local guides and are therefore sure we can help you plan your tailor made vacation in Colombia. Contact us for a tour with this special contact form.

Family vacation
Due to experience we know that families require a different form of traveling. For families we always keep in mind that things like family rooms, suitable accommodation for children, private transportation, a slower traveling pace or free time are important. We know exactly what it takes to make every family member from the young ones to the adults enjoy an amazing vacation in Colombia. Even for the most challenging families there are more options than spending your vacation on the beach. Come and explore Colombia with us!

VIP tours
If you prefer to travel with more comfort and luxury, we have the very best luxurious hotels and resorts of Colombia for you. We can organize self-drive tours, private boats, charter or private flights, helicopters without a problem. How about a luxurious golf vacation in an exclusive countryside resort, or a private bilingual guide and chauffeur to bring you to the best restaurants in town. When a guest requires special security we have confidential security personal to accompany your travels.

Jungle expeditions
Several times a year we organize an exciting jungle expedition to long forgotten places in the jungle. To get to the most beautiful hidden sights we often have to charter small jungle planes or use motorized canoes when the jungle gets to dense for a jeep. During these jungle expeditions we get to stay with authentic Indian communities where we can experience their extraordinary way of life. The still dense Colombian jungle is an immense intriguing place with many interesting and surprising destinations.

Photo tours
A real photo fanatic knows that too shoot the perfect picture you need more than just a landscape or a regular sunset. Even tough as amateur photographers (not enough time, not the right camera´s) we are aware of the details and needs of a real photographer. Take a look at our amateur pictures on the website, they are all made by us during our trips through Colombia. We know where to be for the perfect landscapes, indigenous tribes, nature or wildlife all these options are available on our photo tours.

Diving tours

With Colombians 2 oceans there are too many diving spots to choose from. The pacific coast offers you the bigger fish like turtles, whales, sharks etc whereas the Atlantic Ocean has warmer water, better visibility and colorful corals with lots of small fish. Make a choice depending on your diving skills and wishes or ask us for advice.Good diving sites in the Pacific Ocean are: Gorgona island, Nuqui, Bahia Solano and one of the best sites in the world is the island Malpelo. In best sites in the Atlantic Ocean are Capurgana, the islands of Rosarios & San Bernardo, National park Tayrona and the islands San Andres and Providencia.

Wildlife tours
Spotting wildlife in their natural habitat is not easy, you need to know where and when to go. Colombia has one of the richest flora & fauna in the world with an impressing Biodiversity but it can be difficult to spot the animals. Due to our frequent travelling through Colombia we know where you can spot animals like monkeys, sloth’s, capibara’s, giant anteater, armadillos, caimans, red macaws, scarlet ibises, jabirus (large stork), pink dolphins, various snakes and many other interesting animals. Internationally Colombia is a well-known country for wildlife spotters especially among bird spotters, due to the great variety in endemic species.


The only thing that can make a wedding and a honeymoon more special is an amazing location. Colombia has some stunning locations for weddings. Ever thought about a wedding in historical Cartagena de los Indias or on a white sandy beach of a Caribbean island like San Andres? We can take care of all your wedding and honeymoon wishes, from flowers to hotel resorts for you and your guests we make sure this romantic event is organized with great care. Your honeymoon should be something unforgettable and romantic, we have some fairytale resorts with outstanding service to escape reality or some beautiful lonely beaches to enjoy just for the two of you. Stay in a beautiful Spa, romantic dinning on the beach or horse riding tours in remote paradises.

Business trips
When being in Colombia for business you might find that traveling without losing time can be difficult when you don’t know the country or the language. We can help you with booking your flight, the right hotel, conference rooms, transport and translators etc. And off course there has to be flexibility with last minute changes.