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What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Nature destinations in Colombia


Unspoiled lonely beaches on one side and a dense rainforest on the other. With a whale season from July to October and an enormous variation in flora & fauna it is a destination not to be missed.

Bahia Solano

A destination similar to Nuqui, only here the cabañas are closer to a fishing village and a nature reserve. Besides a whale season there is also a turtle season from September to January.

National Park Gorgona

This island in the Pacific Ocean can be reached by boat from Buenaventura or Guapi. Due to the separation of the mainland Gorgona has a very special flora and fauna. It is also a very good divers destination.

National Park Bahia Malaga

Discover the new NP Bahia Malaga with its beautiful beaches, mangrove forests, waterfalls and flora & fauna. This bay is one of the place where the humpback whale reproduces.

Leticia & surroundings

The Amazon is a destination that everyone wants to visit at least once in its life. The most famous Amazon destination in Colombia is Leticia. Visit the Amacayacu & Marasha Park, Lago Tarapoto and much more.

Amazon - Ecolodge

For the real jungle fanatics an ecolodge is the best choice. Far away from all the tourists of Leticia, and the only way to get there is by boat over the Yavari River. Choose between two ecolodges: Palmari and Heliconia.


Discover the pure jungle of Vaupes and get to know the Indian communities of this beautiful region. We offer programs downstream to Yavaraté and uptream to Yurupary.


The capital of the department of Caqueta is the ideal start to see more of this beautiful area. among others the Orteguaza river, the lake Cartagena del Chaira, typical vilages, etc.

Caño Cristales

The river with 5 colors escaped straight from paradise. In the south of the Meta department you can find the most beautiful river of Colombia. The different colors of the river are coming from the plant the Marcarenía Clavijera.

Cerros de Mavecure

In the footsteps of Alexander Von Humboldt, we will go by boat over the Inirida river to the Indian community 'El Remanso'. From here we will visit de Cerros de Mavecure and other jungle destinations.

San Jose de Guaviare

Discover the jungle of the Guaviare with its monkeys and many bird species. In the area you can find many lovely natural places like: Ciudad de Piedra, Laguna Negra and many streams with cristal clear water.


Casanare is one of the best places in Colombia to spot wildlife. Stay in one of our two ecolodges and get to know the amazing environment of Los Llanos and its typical culture.


Packages from 3 days to one of these cities in the Meta department: Villavicencio, Puerto Lopez, Puerto Gaitan, Granada, San Martin or another city by choice in the Meta department.

National Park Tuparro

Another destination of Alexander von Humboldt on the border of Venezuela and Colombia. A nature park for the lovers of flora and fauna and in addition to all the nature also a great spot to fish.

Reserva El Dorado

Destinations for nature and fauna fanatics on de the slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Cabañas surrounded by beautiful nature and an amazing view over the Caribbean coast.

National Park Tayrona

Stay in (comfortable) cabañas in the National Nature Park Tayrona and get to know the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean coast. In the park you can walk along the beaches or in the jungle.


Visit the cradle of the Arhuaco Indians, descendants of the Tayrona Indians. Nabusimake is one of the most special destinations that we offer in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. 

Cabo de la Vela & La Guajira

Less visited than Cartagena and Santa Marta, but surely one of the most interesting destinations of the Caribbean coast. La Guajira has virgin beaches and is inhabited by local indians.

Golfo de Morrosquillo

Packages for as well beach and nature lovers. DE UNA offers packages to an ecolodge located in a nature reserve and a lovely local beach called Playa Calao.


Taironaka is a nature reserve located at the river Don Diego just outside Park Tayrona. Stay in the nice cabañas and get to know the amazing flora and fauna on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Finca Cafetera

Get to know the coffee process and help the seasonal workers with the picking of the coffee. Stay with a local family on a farm and make an unforgettable horse ride through Valle de Cocora.

Nevado del Ruiz

Climb one of the highest volcano’s in the Colombian Andes and get to know the fascination city of Manizales.Ideal to combine with a stay on a Coffee Finca.

San Gil & surroundings

A package full of adrenaline. San Gil and its surroundings are ideal for adventurous sports like white water rafting, abseiling, cave tours, paragliding in combination with beautiful landscapes and colonial villages.

Tatacoa & San Agustin

A nice combination with facinating pre-colombian sculptures in the area of San Agustin and a visit to the dry and warm Tatacoa desert. 

National Park Los Nevados

With 3 enormous volcano’s of over 5000m is this park a dream for every mountain fan. Breathtaking scenery, flora & fauna of the paramo and at the foot of the mountains the Coffee zone...

National Park Cocuy

Climbing and trekking in the most beautiful mountain area of Colombia, PN Cocuy. More than 20 snowy tops and many amazing mountain lakes. Choose your favorite tour and let the adventure begin...

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Conquer the highest coastal mountains and experience the culture of the Kogies tribe which remained unchanged for centuries.

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