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What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Taironaka - Rio Don Diego

Santa Marta is more than a city close to the Nature Park Tayrona and the nearby beaches. There are many destinations for the real nature lovers. A relatively unknown destination is Taironaka, a nature park more or less 1 hour drive from Santa Marta over the road to Riohacha. Here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains are some beautiful cabañas located at the Don Diego River. The crystal clear river comes from the higher located glacier of the Sierra Nevada so the water is nice and cool and streams further into the ocean.

The park has an enormous amount of flora en fauna, they have found and cleaned terraces of the Tayrona civilization, and there is replica of a Tayrona house, a museum with found artefacts of the Tayrona civilization and offers housing to Kogi families that had to leave there houses due to violence between Guerrilla and the Paramilitaries. It is the ideal place to enjoy the peace, the flora and fauna and as well the beaches further downstream the Don Diego River. If you are interested you can learn more about the early Tayrona civilization and about the current Kogi Indians, the descendants from the Tayrona civilization.

Here we have chosen to organize a 3 day program that is ideally started in Santa Marta. Of course it is possible to change or adjust this program to your likings. This program combines very well with other destinations or programs, Tayrona or with la Guajira, for example.

From Taironaka it is also possible to do a 3 day trekking through the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The highlights of this trip are the excellent views of the snow tops of the Sierra Nevada, the abundant Flora & Fauna and the contact with the Kogi Indians. 

Important: It is an adventurous destination with some comfort. The cabañas (cabins) are very nice and clean, have good showers and toilets. In the rainy season it can be the case that the water level of the Don Diego River is too high to swim in. But as soon as it stops raining for one day the river is normal again and swimming is possible as before. For this destination it is important to have a yellow fewer vaccination.

Cabañas aan Río Don Diego en Taironaka


Brul aap in boom

Terras van Tayrona beschaving

Day 1:
Private transport from Santa Marta to Rio Don Diego, a drive of more or less 1 hour. At the Don Diego River we will go by boat around 15 minutes upstream to the cabañas (cabins). Upon arrival you can walk around the area, take a look at the Tayrona museum, the replica of a Tayrona house and the found Tayrona terraces. Further more you can get to know the flora and fauna of the region and even meet some Kogi Indians that live in the area.

Day 2
With a local guide you will walk upstream through the jungle and foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. After an hour walking you will take the tires in the water of the Don Diego River and float down river. A tour of around 2 and a half hour over the river will bring you to the beach. On our way to the beach we will see a lot of flora and fauna, like monkeys (howler monkeys), crocodiles and an enormous amount of different birds. After some relax time on the beach we will be picked up by a boat to go back to Taironaka.

Day 3
Free morning to enjoy Taironaka and back by the boat where private transport will be awaiting you to take you back to Santa Marta.

- Private transport Santa Marta-Don Diego-Santa Marta
- Boat Don Diego-Taironaka-Don Diego
- 2 nights in cabañas including breakfast
- Visit museum, terraces and replica Tayrona house with explanation local guide
- Tour Rio Don Diego (walk, car tires, beach, boat) with explanation local guide
- Local guide (Spanish speaking)

Not inclusive:
- Meals and beverages
- Personal expenses
- Local guide in other language than Spanish

- Program with extra nights
- Program with extension and 3 days trekking through the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
- Program with national flights
- In combination with other destinations at the coast (for example Tayrona, La Guajira, Cartagena, etc)

Río Don Diego

Kaaiman aan de oever van Don Diego Rivier

Strand bij Taironaka

Luxe cabaña in Taironaka natuur park

Pelicanen in zee