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What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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San Andres & Providencia

Two tropical islands in the Caribbean Sea, San Andres and Providencia. Both destinations are ideal for a vacation with a lot of sun, sea, beaches and also the diving here is very good. San Andres is a bit bigger than Providencia and has a more varied choice between hotels, restaurants, nightlife and shops (tax free). Here you can find some really good ‘All inclusive’ hotels and some with private beaches. Providencia is smaller but if you prefer nature and tranquillity you are on the right island. The local inhabitants of the islands are very relaxed and laid down people who speak English. As Providencia can only be reached through flights from San Andres (there are no flights directly from Colombia) it is lesser visited and also a bit more alternative destination.

We offer custom made packages where flights, transfers, accommodation and sometimes food and beverages are included. The two islands are perfectly combined in one package. If you need some tranquillity and rest after a intensive vacation program in Colombia this is the ideal destination to relax.

On both islands we can offer a wide range of hotels. On San Andres the 'All Inclusive' system is very common for hotels in which 3 meals a day and beverages are included in the price. On Providencia it is more common that only breakfast is included and in some cases a second meal.

As said both destinations are perfect for a diving vacation. Providencia is also referred to as one of the best dive spots in the world.

DE UNA offers custom made packages, you can choose the type of hotel, how many days to stay on the island and if preferred a combination with San Andres and Providencia. We can also offer Providencia as main destination (with transfer on San Andres) including a so called diving package. This means that besides the flights, hotels and transfers there are also (some) dives that are included in the package.

Brug in Providencia

Palmstrand San Andres

Verschillende kleuren blauw in de zee

Boot op Providencia

San Andres is after Cartagena the most visited destination on the Caribbean coast. Packages and prices are on request and there are packages possible from 3 days /2 nights. As the flights are rather expensive we recommend choosing for a package of minimal 4 days/3 nights.

On San Andres we offer a wide range of hotels. The most famous hotels are the hotels of Decameron (San Luis, Aquarium, Marazul, Maryland and Los Delfines) and Sol Caribe. These are the hotels that operate under the so called 'All Inclusive' system where all food and beverages are inclusive during your stay. Besides these big hotels DE UNA also offers packages with accommodation in smaller and less luxurious hotels. On our website there are several hotels from which you can choose. If your favorite hotel is not listed we can always offer a package with any other preferred hotel.

Important: San Andres is a very popular vacation destination for Colombians. Are you planning to travel during (Colombian) national vacations make sure you plan your trip well ahead. During Easter, Christmas and around New Years Eve it is very hard to find flights or accommodation last minute.

San Andres in de nacht

San Andres vanuit het vliegtuig

Strand in San Andres


Packages and prices on request. The client can choose in which hotels he wants to stay and for how long. Providencia we can offer as a package from San Andres, but also with departure from different cities in Colombia, All flights go to San Andres first and from there on to Providencia. Due to the fact that you have to fly to San Andres anyway why not combine both destinations as a nice vacation.

On our website there are several hotels from which you can choose. There are many hotels from the Decameron chain (Relax, Miss Mary, Miss Elma, El Recreo and Posada del Mar), but there are also other hotels like Pirata Morgan en Sirius Hotel that not belong to the Decameron chain and have an excellent service. Most of the hotels on Providencia only work with breakfast and sometimes include a second meal.

For Providencia we can offer special diving packages, if that is preferred please ask us for the options.

Verschillende kleuren blauw

Strand op Providencia

Puente de Amor Providencia