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What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Leticia & surroundings

The Amazon of Colombia is mostly visited through Leticia, a small village at the Amazon river shore. Here, on the border of Colombia with Brazil and Peru, starts our adventure going deeper into the jungle.

We offer programs to Leticia and its surroundings starting from 4 days/3 nights. But to get a good impression we suggest a stay of minimal 5 days /4 nights. That is why our standard package to Leticia is of this length. The package is suitable for young and old.

Leticia is an ideal destination to get a good first impression of what the Amazon has to offer.
There is a very good tourist infrastructure and besides staying in the jungle one can also decide to stay in good and even luxurious hotels and visit the jungle from there. The package that we offer here goes to the most famous destinations like Naturepark Amacayacu, Reserva Natural Marasha and to Puerto Nariño for a visit to the Tarapoto lake to observe the fresh water dolphins combined with a visit to a Indian community. A very complete program that in a fairly small time range is able to show you the maximum of Leticia and its surroundings.

During this package we stay in Leticia and in the nature park and Marasha which has good but basic accommodation. This is the ideal way to see more of the jungle, but if preferred we can also offer a package with programs with more comfortable or even luxurious accommodations and from this accommodation explore the surrounding jungle. A good luxurious option is for example the Ticuna Ecolodge which is without doubt the best hotel Leticia.

There is also the option to choose for a more adventurous custom made program, this especially for people that are looking for more jungle adventure
. One of the options would be the ecolodges on the Yavari River. But also around Leticia there are more adventurous accommodation options like staying with an Indian community or trekking for several days through the jungle.

For the real adventurous among us we would like to suggest the programs in the jungle of Vaupes.

General packing list for Leticia:
- Good walking shoes and an extra pair shoes or sandals
- Clothes for a warm and humid climate
- Clothes with long sleeves and trousers for the evenings and nights
- Swim suit and towel
- Rubber boats during rainy season
- Raincoat and plastic bags to keep you luggage dry
- Hat or cap to protect yourself against the sun
- Flash light
- Sun block and mosquito repellent
- Sun glasses
- Personal first aid kit
- Backpack for luggage and a small day pack for day tours
- Vaccination card that shows you had your yellow fever shot.

To visit Leticia you are obligated to have a yellow fever vaccination and be able to proof this as they can ask to see your card upon arrival on the airport, so bring your vaccination card. Medicine against Malaria is a personal decision.
In this part of Colombia we only have 2 seasons; a long wet season from January to June and a long dry season from July to December. Even though in the rain forest you will always encounter some rain, both seasons have their specific pro´s and con´s. The program is suitable for young and old but don´t forget that they have a reasonable dose of adventure and make sure you are prepared for that. Tip, bring a backpack and not a (uncomfortable) suitcase.

Ecolodge Marasha

Zonsondergang op Amazone Rivier

Apen in Amacayacu Park

Victoria Regia

Lokale visser op Amazone Rivier

Arend in Marasha Park

Vlinders in de jungle

Day 1:
Flight Bogotá-Leticia. Arrival in Leticia and a visit to a local fruit market. In the afternoon we will go to the Santander square for the parakeet concert. In the evening welcome dinner in the restaurant 'Tres Fronteras'. Accommodation in Leticia.

Day 2:
Breakfast in the hotel and transport to the harbor to go by boat to the Nature Reserve Marasha. Upon arrival we will make a walk of around 60 minutes through the jungle with a local guide to get to the installations. Once arrived we will start fishing for piranhas and other fish from the platform. After lunch we will explore the flora and fauna of the park some more with canoe´s over the lake and a walk. After dinner we will have an evening/night tour, this will be a looking for caimans with canoe’s or walking through the jungle looking for some nocturnal animals. Accommodation in the park.

Day 3:
After breakfast in the park we will go with the canoe´s to some more remote areas for fishing and to spot more fauna. After lunch we will go back to the Amazon River for a boat tour (+/- 90 minutes) to National Park Amacayacu. Here we will enjoy an ecological walk through the park. Accommodation in the park.

Day 4:
After breakfast in the park a walk of approximately 3 hours through the park to the Indian community San Martin. By boat back to the Amazon River to arrive at the village Puerto Nariño. Here we will have lunch and have the time to look around the village before we take the boat to Lago Tarapoto to see the fresh water dolphins at sunset. After sunset back to the park for the night.

Day 5:
After breakfast in the park back by boat (+/- 2 hours) over the Amazon River to Leticia. Check in at the airport and we will have lunch in the village before we fly back to Bogotá.

Prices on request

- National flight Bogota - Leticia - Bogota
- Transport during the program (car, boat, etc)
- Alle mentioned activities
- 1 night in Leticia in Hotel La Maloka (standard)
- 1 night in Nature Reserve Marasha (basic)
- 2 nights in National Park Amacayacu (bunkbeds)
- Food and beverages
- Local guides (Spanish speaking)

Not inclusive:
- Tourist tax (+/- 5 euro)
- Personal expenses
- Tip for local guides

- Longer or shorter tour
- Program without flights
- Program with boat to Iquitos and/or Manaus
- English speaking guide
- National flight from a different city (Colombia)
- Accommodation in Hotel Anaconda (comfortable) or Hotel Ticuna of the Decameron chain (luxurious) in Leticia
- Accommodation in private room in NP Amacayacu

Cabañas in Amacayacu Park

Kaaiman op de kant van een zijrivier van de Amazone

Victoria Regia in Amacayacu Park

Lokale Indianen in kano

Aap in de jungle van Marasha Park

Zonsondergang op Amazone Rivier

Kikker in de jungle bij Puerto Nariño