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What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Ecolodge Leticia (Amazon)

For everyone that wants to see more of the Amazon jungle than only the good organized tourism in and around Leticia we offer the possibility to stay on an ecolodge a few hours from Leticia. DE UNA works with two ecolodges in that area: Palmari and Heliconia. Both ecolodges are located at the Yavari River, a sidearm of the Amazon River, and are accessible from Leticia with a boat within 3 to 5 hours, depending on the ecolodge and the season (wet or dry season). The ecolodges are actually located on Brazilian territory but are visited from Colombia by flying to Leticia and then by boat to the chosen destination.

An ecolodge is a perfect way to avoid the tourism of Leticia and its surroundings. You can go deeper into the jungle, there are less tourists which means purer jungle which increases the chance to spot flora and fauna in their natural habitat. There are many birds to see in this area, besides native birds there are also many migratory birds that visit the area around the Yavari River.

Because the ecolodges are rather far away from Leticia we advise to spend a minimal of 5 days for a visit to this area. Off course it is possible to visit the area only 4 days on request, but to enjoy the area to the fullest we strongly advise a 5 day program. It is also possible to combine a visit to Leticia and its surroundings with a visit to an ecolodge.

Possible activities are walks through the jungle, canoe tours, fishing, flora and fauna spotting, night activities to look for nocturnal animals and visits to Indian Communities, etc. The lodge is beautifully located at the Yavari River on a place where you can spot a lot of fresh water dolphins. It is also possible to organize a tour of one or more days where you can walk through the jungle with a local guide and camp there as well. This is also possible with canoes instead of walking. The only inconvenience of the ecolodge Palmari is that it is sometimes used by Colombian schools, during that time we advise you to choose for different lodge if you want to enjoy a relaxed vacation.

The Heliconia ecolodge is a perfect alternative and just as good as the Palamari ecolodge. An advantage of this ecolodge is that it is a bit better priced and there are just as much activities to participate in. A program can be made with various activities beforehand if preferred. Also this ecolodge is beautifully located at the Yavari River bank and a visit to the Heliconia ecolodge is perfect to combine with a visit to Leticia and its surroundings.

General Packing list for Leticia:
- Good walking shoes and an extra pair shoes or sandals
- Clothes for a warm and humid climate
- Clothes with long sleeves and trousers for the evenings and nights
- Swim suit and towel
- Rubber boats during rainy season
- Raincoat and plastic bags to keep you luggage dry
- Hat or cap to protect yourself against the sun
- Flash light
- Sun block and mosquito repellent
- Sun glasses
- Personal first aid kit
- Backpack for luggage and a small backpack for day tours
- Vaccination card that shows you had your yellow fever shot.

Important: To visit Leticia you are obligated to have a yellow fever vaccination and be able to proof this as they can ask to see your card upon arrival on the airport, so bring your vaccination card. Medicine against Malaria is a personal decision.
In this part of Colombia we only have 2 seasons; a long wet season from January to June and a long dry season from July to December. Even though in the rain forest you will always encounter some rain, both seasons have their specific pro´s and con´s. The program is suitable for young and old but don´t forget that they have a reasonable dose of adventure and make sure you are prepared for that. Tip, bring a backpack and not a (uncomfortable) suitcase.
To visit the ecolodges we also travel over Brazilian territory, it is wise to check if you need a visa to enter Brazilian territory. If your nationality requires a visa you need to arrange that visa on forehand.

Huis Palmari

Indianen kinderen in rivier


Victoria Regia

Yavari Rivier

Zonsondergang op Yavari Rivier

Vissen in de jungle

Kamer ecolodge

Programs to one of these ecolodges (Palmari or Heliconia) are always custom made. We advise to choose for a program of minimal 5 days/4 nights, but a program of 4 days/3 nights are also possible. Off course it is possible to stay longer on one off the lodges and/or to decide for a combination between a program in Leticia and surroundings.

In Palmari and Heliconia you can decide at the spot which daily activities you want to do. That means that the guest will decide with the local guides what to do every day and make a program at the lodge itself.

Possible activities are:
- Jungle walks
- Trekking of several days through the jungle (Palmari)
- Canoe  tours
- Canoe tours of several days (Palmari)
- Flora and Fauna spotting
- Fishing (from piranhas to professional)
- Night tours to spot caimans and other nocturnal animals
- Boat tours over the Yavari River or river arms
- Visit Indian communities
- Activity Dosel (optional)
- And many more

Prices on request

- National flight Bogota - Leticia - Bogota
- Transport during the program (car, boat, etc)
- All chosen activities in Heliconia or in Palmari
- Accommodation in (cabins, rooms or hammocks)
- Food and beverages
- Local guides (Spanish speaking)

Not inclusive:
- Tourist tax (+/- 5 euro)
- Personal expenses
- Tip for local guides
- Visa for Brazil (when necessary)

- Program without flights
- National flight from a different city (Colombia)
- Combination program with Leticia
- English speaking guide

Huis ecolodge

Boot over Yavari Rivier


Piranha vissen

Slapen in de jungle