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What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Caqueta / Florencia

Caqueta, where the gold is green, is the department where the Andes mountains and the Los Llanos lowlands transform themselves into the ‘lungs of the world’, ‘the biggest nature reserve of this planet’, also called the Amazon. A department full of natural mysteries. In the northwest we have the Cordillera Oriental, in the northeast the lowlands of the Yarí area and in the south the rain forest of the Amazon. This makes Caqueta to a very varied department full of endemic Flora and Fauna species.

Our packages usually start in Florencia, the capital of Caqueta and the only city of importance. From here there are many possibilities. Some interesting destinations around Florencia are the typical villages of Morelia, Belen, San José and Doncello, the mytical lake ‘Laguna del Chaira’ or the many crystal clear rivers and streams. For the adventurers we can organize expeditions over the Orteguaza river until Solano or over the Caqueta river until Araracaura. All packages are custom made.

Very special packages can be organized from Araracuara. There goes only 1 flight every week with Satena or we can take  a cargo plane from Villavicencio. At Araracuara streams the immense Caqueta River through a canyon with cliffs on both sides. This is already impressive enough to make the trip worth it. But from here there are more adventurous trips possible. We can go down the whole Caqueta river to La Pedrera, or we can go up the Yari River for the flora, fauna and the local Indian communities. 

Important: Florencia and its surroundings are considered adventurous traveling, but we can also offer this tour very comfortable as well. There are direct flights from Bogota and there are some very good hotels options. But as soon as we traveler further into the department, over the for example above mentioned rivers, the program is full of adventure. A yellow fever vaccination is obligatory in this region and if we go into the jungle you are advised to pack the same items as on the packing list used for the regions in Vaupes and the Amazon.
Harbour at the Río Orteguaza

View at Belén

Turtle on a sidearm of the Rio Caqueta

Boat with hammocks over the Río Caqueta

All packages that we offer to the department Caqueta are custom made. We can offer a package to Florencia with flights, transfers, hotel and the preferred activities. That could be packages as short as 3 days and can be organized in a way that they are suitable for families that have adopted children from that area. Other packages with more adventure are programs over the rivers Caqueta and the Yari are very special and before booked will be discussed with the interested clients. At the moment there are many places and areas that are safe for tourism in Caqueta, but before departure we will always check the current safety status.

Prices for these package are on request and depend on the wishes of the client.

Every year we have a special expedition that we offer for our most adventurous clients/tourists. Caqueta is one of the regions where we organize these expeditions. Examples are expeditions over the Rivers Caqueta. For the persons interested in these expeditions ask for the possibilities, the leaving dates and check our website regularly.

Beekje met helder water in omgeving Florencia

Kerk in Florencia

Raudal de Araracuara

Boten op de Orteguaza Rivier