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What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Caño Cristales

`The river that escaped from paradise', 'the most beautiful river in the world', these are only some references to this beautiful river in la Serrania de Macarena. If it really is the most beautiful river in the world is debatable but that Caño Cristales will score high in a competetion we know for sure.

The 5 different colors of the river are at their best in the months June to end November when the Macarenia Clavijera, a water plant that can only be found in this area, changes its color from green to bright red depending on the amount of sun the plant receives. The other colors (white, black, yellow and all other colors in between) are formed by the water, the plants, the differences in depth, currents of the river and the variety of rocks and holes at the bottom of the river.

Because the river is on its best during these months we only offer these packages in these months. On itself it is already an adventure to get to La Macarena as we use charter flights with a maximum of 3 to 5 passengers. Normally we offer 4 day packages with two full days at the river to explore the 2 most important branches of the river. The climbing of the river means crossing the river several times, we will ascent, decent waterfalls and cross the tropical vegetation. During these walks you will see how amazing this river keeps changing after every curb to the left or right, after a 5 minute walk  but also by watching the same spot from a different angle.

Besides the program of 4 days it is very well possible to make a program with only 3 days (minimal amount of days to visit Caño Cristales) or a program with more days and add other destinations to the program like 'El Raudal de Guayabero', 'Ciudad de Piedra', 'Caño Indio' or 'Caño Canoas'.

- Good shoes to walk on and an extra pair of shoes or sandals (for some expeditions boots)
- Clothes for a warm and humid climate
- Clothes with long sleeves and pants with long trousers for the evenings and nights
- Swim suit and towel
- Flash light
- Sun block and mosquito repellent
- Sun glasses
- Personal first aid kit
- Backpack for luggage and a small backpack for day tours
- Drinking bottle for water
- Plastic bags to keep clothes dry

Important: Caño Cristales is an eco destination, because of this it is very important to listen to the instructions of the (local) guide. The water plants are very sensitive and we will only cross the Caño, or swim at the places the places indicated by the guide. The use of sun block or mosquito repellent is forbidden in the caño. So bring proper clothes to protect yourself from the sun and the mosquitoes. During the program it is possible to sleep one or two nights in a hammock or tent at the river. The food during our stay in the Caño is relatively simple, keep that in mind before you decide to book this tour you are obligated to have a yellow fever vaccination and be able to proof this, so bring your vaccination card. The flights Villavicencio-la Macarena-Villavicencio we will do with Cessna flights of 3 to 5 passengers. With bigger groups we will use DC3 planes. It can happen that with bad weather conditions we cannot fly or experience delays, together with the guide this will be resolved as far possible. In the La Macarena we will only have electricity from 14:00 until 22:00. Keep this in mind for charging your batteries for your camera´s etc.

Watervallen van Los Ochos

Rode kleuren van de Clavijera Macarenia

Caño Canoas gezien vanuit het vliegtuig

Waterval Los Pianos

Kaaiman in de Guayabero Rivier

Sprong in het diepe

Groene kleuren van Clavijera Macarenia bij El Pailon

Day 1
Depending on the size of the group we will leave early in the morning from the bus terminal in a public bus or by private bus from Bogota to Villavicencio. It is a beautiful ride of approximately 3 hours. In Villavicencio we will take a Cessna plane of 3 to 5 passengers to la Macarena, a flight a bit over an hour over flat landscapes of Los Llanos and then over the dense jungle of the Serrania de la Macarena. If the weather is good enough we will fly over the impressive waterfall of 'Caño Canoas'. In the afternoon we will climb the  'El Mirador', a rock in the Serrania de la Macarena, for some nice views over the Guayabero River and the below plain landscapes. We will spend the night in a hotel in the village La Macarena.

Day 2
In the early morning we go by boat over the Río Guayabero and with a 4x4 jeep to the entrance of Caño Cristales. The last 30 minutes we have to walk to the Finca Don David. We leave our luggage at the finca and after a 5 minute walk we will have our first experience with the most beautiful river of Colombia: Caño Cristales. Today we will explore the left arm of the river and climb up via 'Los Hoyos', 'La Casacda de los Cuarzos' to the waterfall 'Los Pianos'. On our way back we will take a different route and will pass 'la cascada de la Virgen' before going back to the finca of Don David. Here we will spend the night in hammocks.

Day 3
In the early morning we leave again to Caño Cristales. Today we will take the right arm of the river and climb up via 'Los Hoyos', 'Las Tablas de la Ley', 'Pozo Cuadrado', 'La Escalera', to 'Salto de Aquila'. After another energizing day we go back to the finca of Don David, and pack our luggage to leave. We will go with the 4x4 jeep and boat over the Guayabero river to the village La Macarena where we will stay our last night in a hotel.

Day 4
After breakfast we will go back to Villavicencio with the Cessna planes. From Villavicencio we go back by public bus or private transport, depending on the group size, to Bogota. Optional activity for today could be a boat tour over the Guayabero river to the Raudal de Gauyabero (not inclusive).

- Transport Bogota-Villavicencio-Bogota
- Flights Villavicencio-la Macarena-Uribe-Villavicencio in Cessna and/or DC3
- Transport by boat and 4x4 La Macarena-Caño Cristales-La Macarena
- 2 nights in a hotel in La Macarena
- 1 night in hammocks in Caño Cristales (inclusive hammock)
- DE UNA guide for the whole program
- Local guides in La Macarena and Caño cristales
- Meals during our stay in Caño Cristales

Not inclusive:
- Meals rest of the program
- Personal expenses

- Tour on day 4 to Raudal de Guayabero
- Tour in 3 days
- Tour with extra nights
- In combination with other destinations (Caño Canoas, Ciudad de Piedra, San Jose de Guaviare, etc)
Aankomst met Cessna vliegtuig

Rode kleuren van de Clavijera Macarenia

Waterval Los Cuarzos

Verschillende kleuren in Caño Cristales

Balsaje over de Guayabero Rivier

Verschillende kleuren door planten en boden van Caño Cristales

Orquidia bij Caño Cristales